Healthy Families Make for a Healthy Society

There is an office that I occupy that is at basement level below the church’s sanctuary stage where I fellowship. I am very fond of its location because it is just underneath the stage floor where a massive, cross towers over an entire congregation. Ironically, it has been named, “The Dungeon.”

During the summer, the church allows an outgoing Christian camp organization to use the campus. I was invited to the closing ceremony in order to help promote the upcoming parenting retreat. Sitting in the audience along with many parents and family members whose children, of various ages and grades, were singing worship songs and displaying their talents on stage, I considered how Jesus related that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must be like a child. I felt a sense of joy as I stood up to sing together with them. I could only imagine how God was smiling on them all.

This summer I endured the invasive sounds of trumpet practice, cheer leading, stage stomping, excited children screaming, groups of running feet, more screaming through the dungeon hallway as well as the occasional bumping on the wall all while I am working on both my dissertation and parenting course outline. So yes, I was standing in worship singing, Hallelujah, with joy that the camp was over.

The children had an art display in the adjoining room to the sanctuary where I had a banner of our ministry displayed. I stood next to it eagerly awaiting as the ceremony came to its close. Finally, the children and family members came through as they collected their crafts.

Part of what I do as a psychotherapist is to observe the interactions between couples and their children. I was pleased to see the children leading their parents through the aisles showing off their art and that of their friends while parent’s facial expressions revealed interest and excitement.  While no parent approached me to ask about the parenting retreat, I consider that most parents would not. Perhaps it is because there is so much debatable information that has left parents with confusion about who to trust, so they go about parenting the best way they believe.

I have written a short but technical article titled, Why Parenting Education is Important. I hope that one day Parenting education can become a common place within society because the foundation of society begins with family. The role of parents should be to socialize their children to develop healthy relational skills and become productive members of society.